April Declared Child Abuse Prevention Month In Chemung County

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Child Abuse Prevention

Chemung County Executive Tom Santulli has proclaimed April as Child Abuse Prevention Month in Chemung County.

Chemung County participates in a nation wide tradition of observing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month. April is devoted to celebrating everything we can do to transform our communities into places that care about, and actively support, families and children. By making sure all parents in our communities have access to quality childcare, affordable health services, parenting education resources, substance and mental health programs, and have opportunities to be self sufficient, we make progress toward what the month stands for, preventing child abuse!


Child Abuse Prevention Month is about connecting all of these things so that solutions to child abuse receive the attention that we need and that people expect. It is not enough to care about the problems of child abuse and neglect and to address the consequences. We must pay attention to the kinds of efforts that will prevent it from happening in the first place. Learn more about what you and your community can do to support child abuse prevention. It's a shared responsibility and we are stronger together!

"We need to raise the public's awareness of the devastating effects of child abuse," said Deretha Watterson, Chemung County Director of Children and Family Services, "and empower and encourage people to become involved and support families and parents so that we can prevent all forms of child abuse and neglect from reaching our children."

A few specific things you can do in April and throughout the year to prevent child abuse and neglect: