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The top 3 tankless water heater units of 2017 and the pros and cons of owning one

The top 3 tankless water heaters units of 2017 and the pros and cons of owning one

Owning a tankless water heater unit means you will have hot water on demand, as they heat water only when you turn on the faucet. They usually operate on natural gas or propane. Tankless water units have become the major residential water heating system in Europe and are growing in popularity in the U.S. So, here are the top 3 tankless water heater units of 2017 and the pros and cons of owning one.

Here is how you start an all - natural heavy metal detox

Here is how you start an all - natural heavy metal detox

Heavy metal pollution is something modern society tends to turn a blind eye in the hopes it would just go away. But, the truth is that to live in an industrialized and urbanized world incurs being exposed to many types of heavy metals, which if in excess can cause cancer, neurological disorders and chronic illnesses. Therefore it is important to how to do an all - natural heavy metal detox. But where can heavy metals be found, and how can you detox naturally?

Does salt cause fluid retention? Here is how you get rid of excess fluid (edema)

Here are natural ways to get rid of excess fluid (edema)

Fluid retention, also known as edema, is characterized by the swelling of the legs, feet and or hand due to the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues. The general consensus on getting rid of fluid is by eating less salt. However, there have been controversies on that consensus. So what does science say on the relationship of salt and edema and what home remedies will help you get rid of excess fluid in the body?

Using chlorine to treat water may carry cancer risks. So what can you do to protect yourself?

chlorine and cancer risk

Most countries worldwide disinfect their water with a chemical called chlorine. Treating water is a common practice to avoid waterborne diseases or parasitical infestations. However using chlorine to treat water is causing more harm than good in the long run, according to studies.

Radio Frequency Technology damages Plant DNA in 48hrs and is carcinogenic, new research reveals

Radio Frequency causes DNA damage

Scientists revealed in a new study, the damaging effects of Radio Frequency exposure through the use of cell phones and laptops. In this experiment, researchers exposed 150 healthy dry seeds of chickpea, which were distributed in two petri plates, and each plate was placed at distances of 1 inch to cell phone and laptop for 24 and 48 h. This simple experiment revealed that all radio frequency exposure inhibits seed germination percentage.