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Family heath research and news. Tips on how to have a happy marriage, raising children, grand parenting, home and family safety, dangers in the home and healthy meals. Our topics include a wide range of family health tips and news ranging from back to school lunches, pet ownership, family activities and exercises and meal planning.

Link Between Family Influence And Healthy Lifestyle

Discovery Health/Gallup Poll released states that in addition to diet and exercise, friends and family also influence an individual's ability to lose weight and maintain health lifestyle habits.

Key findings of the Discovery Health/USA TODAY/Gallup poll include:

-- Nearly one in four Americans (24%) believe that their friends and families have been a hindrance in their attempts to lose weight

-- Over one in three (34%) report that friends or family have teased about their food, urged them to cheat on diets, or tried to talk them out of exercising.

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Good Health For The Holidays

This time of year brings cold weather, stressful travel, and gluttonous feasts that aren't exactly conducive to better health. Here are some tips for staying healthy and happy during the holidays -- and all winter long.

Looking Good

The Skinny on Dry Skin

Cold weather and low humidity can turn the most supple skin into a dry and flakey mess. But Russell Hall, MD, chief of the Division of Dermatology at Duke, says don't reach for your favorite hand lotion! Hall says:

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