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Family heath research and news. Tips on how to have a happy marriage, raising children, grand parenting, home and family safety, dangers in the home and healthy meals. Our topics include a wide range of family health tips and news ranging from back to school lunches, pet ownership, family activities and exercises and meal planning.

Patient Safety Program Improves Communication Family, Caregivers Communication

Condition Help, a patient safety program launched more than two years ago at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, has significantly improved communication between caregivers and patients and improved patient and family satisfaction, a review of the program has found.

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Vermont Residents Affected By Flooding Advised To Take Precautions

State officials are advising residents in southern Vermont, including the City of Rutland, affected by flash flooding over the weekend to take special precautions to prevent illness and injury.

More rain is forecast this week and additional flooding may result where the ground is saturated with water. Stay tuned to local media for updates and safety instructions.

* Always leave flooded areas and never walk or drive through floodwaters. If you need to evacuate your home, always turn off power at the circuit breaker - if there is time.

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Regular OR Updates Are Good Medicine For Family Members During A Relative's Surgery

When a loved one is having surgery, the hours of waiting for news can be agonizing for family members. A University of Virginia Medical Center nursing research group has found that during this anxious time, a simple one-minute phone call can make a difference in decreasing anxiety for family members and increasing family and patient satisfaction.

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Renovators Required To Work Safely With Lead-Paint

The Alliance for Healthy Homes and the National Center for Healthy Housing praise the new EPA regulation as a step in the right direction in saving children, workers and occupants from exposure to unhealthy levels of lead during renovation, repair, and painting activities in homes and child-occupied buildings built before 1978.

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Protect Your Family From Invisible Household Poison

Poison Prevention Week provides an opportunity for families to take steps to protect themselves from household poisons. Families, especially those with small children, are most often concerned about the toxins stored in medicine cabinets or locked away under the kitchen sink. But there is one life- threatening poison that may not come to mind-carbon monoxide (CO).

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Helping Moms Tame Families' Hunger

We may not be living in the wilderness, but for today's busy moms, the world can seem like a jungle. Between school, sports and other activities, families need a balanced breakfast to get a good start to their busy schedules and keep up with the rest of the pack. With Kellogg's new Animal Planet Wild Animal Crunch, moms can tame their families' hunger with great-tasting whole grains and fiber so they can survive in the "wild."

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Seeing our spouses more negatively might be a positive

Viewing our spouses more negatively over time may not be all bad, but even be, well, positive. As we age, and become closer and more comfortable with one another, it could be that we are more able to express ourselves to each other. In other words, it's possible that negativity is a normal aspect of close relationships that include a great deal of daily contact.

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