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Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?

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Family Home and Power Outage

With more than half of the winter season still ahead of us, the potential for ice and snow storms still loom on the horizon. Many times, these storms can result in the loss of power to our homes and businesses, as power lines become ice laden trees give way under the burden of the ice. Being prepared is the first step to mitigating damages, and increased insurance claims.

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Homeowners should have regular inspections of the interior and the exterior electrical wiring. Surge protection and understanding how to prevent damage to personal property is a vital preventative measure. Although not inexpensive, an alternate power source, such as a generator, is something to consider having on hand.

Many homeowner and renter insurance policies DO NOT usually cover electronics and computers when there is a power surge due to power coming back on. To prevent valuable equipment from experiencing a power surge, unplug all appliances and electronics during the outage and plug them back in one at a time when electrical power is fully restored. You should check your policy carefully or visit with your agent who can help you understand what is and what is not covered and the conditions, exclusions and limitations of the type of policy you have.

When the Power First Goes Out: