EU Report on Housing and Health Regulations

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The "Housing and Health" programme of the WHO, European Centre for Environment and Health Bonn office has two main objectives. On the one hand, it intends to highlight the relationship between housing conditions and the health status of European citizens. On the other hand, it aims at proposing the most relevant strategies to improve the housing conditions in order to improve health.


This second aspect can be considered - among other viewpoints - from a legal point of view by looking at the health relevance of housing regulations (ventilation, building materials, design, layout and dimensions, installations, safety aspects etc.)

The legal approach offers to governments and local authorities a wide range of possibilities to improve the housing conditions and thus the health of European citizens. To address and explore these opportunities, the WHO housing and health programme has established a project on the review of housing and health regulations in selected European countries with cooperation and support of the French Ministry of Health, the Region Emilia Romagna and the city of Forl

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