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HotStop Scald Protection Faucet Prevent Hot Water Burns

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Anti-Scald Shower Head Tub Spout

This is how HotStop Scald Protection Faucet prevents hot water burns. When hot water reaches an unsafe temperature HotStop quickly reduces the water flow to a trickle to avoid scalding. Once the water in the line cools the flow re-starts automatically -usually in less than 30 seconds.

HotStop showerheads and tub spouts are UL listed and ASSE 1062 approved. HotStop installs in minutes and requires no special tools or plumbing expertise.

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The HotStop Scald Protection Faucet a product that the American Valve product development team wishes they never had to design. Several days before her first birthday, little Leah McCammon was taking a bath when she attempted to pull herself up using the hot water faucet handle. The force of 140°F water knocked her down and in seconds caused 3rd degree burns over most of her body - she died several days later.

Unfortunately reports of scalding injuries like this are repeated too often nationally. Each year thousands of children and adults are severely injured by scalding tap water. In fact, tap water scalds are the second most common cause of severe burn injuries among people of all ages.

However, now a new product line from American Valve called HotStop Scald Prevention Faucets, Tub Spouts & Showerheads are aiming to decrease those numbers worldwide.

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