Don't Let Gas Ruin Your Summer BBQ

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Fourth of July celebrations are quickly approaching, which means one thing ... BBQ season is officially underway.

However, traditional barbecue fare -- hot dogs, baked beans and alcohol -- may leave you gassy during the fireworks extravaganza. Patricia Raymond, M.D., gastroenterologist and assistant professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School, says that we all experience flatulence and that we can get it under control with some moderation to our diet. Her tips to minimize the impact and odor include:


-- Deactivate Gas with Activated Charcoal: Raymond suggests taking CharcoCaps Homeopathic AntiGas Formula to control embarrassing flatulence while with family and friends at a barbecue. CharcoCaps (activated charcoal) helps stimulate and support the body's own defense system against the discomfort of intestinal gas and the embarrassing/uncomfortable symptoms associated with it while aiding in the fast relief of gas.

-- Certain Foods in Moderation: High gas-producing foods that are staples at a barbecue are hot dogs and hamburgers (fatty meats), baked beans, cole slaw (cabbage), corn, melon and alcohol. When thinking about dessert, ice cream and pastries are also high-gas foods. Less gassy alternatives include grilled chicken, summer squash, kiwis, plums and nectarines, followed by angel food cake and low-fat frozen yogurt for dessert.

-- Determine Odor: Non-smelling flatulence results from swallowed air, symptomatic of chewing gum, drinking through straws and sucking on hard candies, rather than something you ate. "Foul-smelling flatulence is related to the breakdown of actual foods as they go through the intestinal tract," says Raymond. "If nutrients are poorly absorbed, they 'feed' bacteria in the gut, which then produces smelly flatulence."

-- Walk it Off: Instead of keeping still after a meal, take a post-dinner stroll to keep your body moving and the gas flowing. "The gas just sitting in the bowels causes distention and pain, so once you have it, you might as well mobilize it," says Raymond.