Treating Summertime Cuts and Scrapes

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(NC) - At the first signs of warm weather, Canadians are quick to slip on shorts and a t-shirt and head outside. The last thing we think about are cuts and scrapes that can happen throughout the day as we engage in summer's outdoor activities.

But don't despair, a good bandage provides that extra tender loving care needed for those unfortunate mishaps. To help ensure your summers are filled with more fun and less discomfort, here are some tips to prepare for all those bandage moments.

Athletes Don't Despair: Running, biking and hiking can lead to little mishaps every once in a while.

Tip: In case of a tumble, cuts and scrapes need to be covered immediately to prevent infection from perspiration, excess heat or even rain. Use a flexible bandage to properly cover knees, elbows, knuckles or any other part that bends.


Splish Splash: Attention water enthusiasts! Want to go swimming but you are worried your bandage will come off and float away?

Tip: Use a waterproof bandage with a sticky adhesive to help keep excess water out while retaining the right amount of moisture.

Seal it with a Bandage, Then a Kiss: When kids are playing, tumbles and falls are a natural occurrence.

Tip: Since children often need a little extra TLC, make sure the bandage is soft, with breathable fabric that conforms to the body while keeping the area well covered. Don't forget - cover it up, wipe away the tears and seal with a big kiss.

"Nexcare bandages are designed for life's scrapes and cuts. We understand the importance of keeping cuts well covered and protected to promote quick and effective healing," says Stephanie Neskas, Brand Manager for Nexcare products at 3M. "To ensure your active lifestyle is not slowed down by bothersome cuts and scrapes, Nexcare makes a full line of bandages including Waterproof, Flexible and Comfort bandages so you can get on with your day."

This summer, be prepared when the inevitable happens and know how to treat it. Keep the appropriate bandage in your medicine cabinet, backpack or pocket to help keep you and your family