Best Practice In Family Planning In Europe And Eurasia Region

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WHO/Europe has been involved in the Romanian Family Health Initiative programme (RFHI) since 2001 and provided technical assistance with the development of the National Reproductive Health Strategy of Romania.

The success of the RFHI has led to one of the most successful national family planning programmes and dramatic results in FP coverage, doubling the contraceptive prevalence rate with a dramatic decrease in abortions, while maintaining a solid total fertility rate.


The Romanian Family Health Initiative, with whom WHO/Europe works in close partnership, reported at a meeting with colleagues in the Region that in 15 years, Romania has doubled the use of modern contraception, and dramatically decreased the number of abortions from a lifetime rate of 3.4 abortions per woman in 1993 to a rate of 0.84 abortions per woman in 2004.

The partnership has been between the Ministry of Public Health, JSI/USAID, the Society for Education on Contraception and Sexuality, Population Services International Romania, The East European Institute for Reproductive Health, the Romanian Anti-AIDS Association, and Youth for Youth Foundation, and also the result of coordination with other international agencies, particularly UNFPA and WHO. This Romanian partnership.