Simple Cures For Your Family's Nature-Deficit Disorder

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Nature-Deficit Disorder

In our natural wonderland, young Montanans are suffering from the condition that author Richard Louv has named "nature-deficit disorder"


Montanans are lucky to live in the "last best place." Most of us are just an hour or two from multiple outdoor recreation opportunities on lakes, rivers, and streams. We have easy access to dozens of local, state, and national parks.

Like their counterparts across the US, our children are spending more time plugged into some type of indoor technology and less time in natural outdoor activities.

"Experts in child health, behavior, and education are just beginning to document how important unstructured outdoor time is for young bodies and minds," said Jessica Grennan, State Health Alliances Director for the American Heart Association in Montana. "A 2005 study by Kaiser Family Foundation found that Generation M (for media) spends over 44 hours per week in front of screens