Living Well Campaign To Help Families Plan For Optimum Wealth And Health

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As health care costs continue to escalate and as many as 30 million individuals are expected to reach retirement over the next 10 years and remain in retirement decades longer than previous generations.

Many Americans face not only the possibility of their own health-related expenses, but increasingly,

for their parents and elderly relatives, putting families on a possible collision course to outlive their savings.

Given this scenario, Northern Trust, a leading provider of wealth management services for affluent individuals and families, and PinnacleCare, leaders in health care advocacy, have collaborated to provide a first-ever guide to help people approach financial planning with a new twist: financial well-being is not enough; families must adopt a preemptive health plan to enable them to enjoy their wealth.


The landmark pairing of health and wealth management experts began with the creation of a detailed 52-page booklet entitled, "Living Well, Your Guide for Lifelong Health and Wealth Planning." Due for release on June 21, the first day of summer and an ideal time for fresh health and wealth resolutions, the guide introduces three new factors that come into play when planning for a life of optimum wealth and health.

"Chances are when most people think about their financial and physical well-being, they see them as separate aspects of their lives," said Sherry Barrat, president Personal Financial Services, Northern Trust, "but this attitude is changing as people discover that age-related health issues have a direct bearing on their finances. That's why PinnacleCare and Northern Trust have created a helpful roadmap for each to offer insight into some of the issues families may encounter today and in the years ahead."

"PinnacleCare's compilation of proven medical prevention advances and health management techniques, applicable from childhood through elderly years, dovetails remarkably with Northern Trust's age by age wealth management advice," said Miles Varn, M.D., chief medical officer, PinnacleCare.

The "Living Well" guide is based on three new trends to promote and protect health and wealth: