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Child Identification Kit Keeps Family DNA And Identification Information Secure

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Child Identification

Shelf Tech Inc. of Hackensack, NJ just unveiled its Safe & Sound Family Protection Safety and Child Identification Kit, the first product in bioscience to put together the five most valuable points of forensic identification for children, adults, and pets.

These points of identification are critical in today's environment, post 9-11, and with over 800,000 kids reported missing, lost, or abducted each year. The kit quickly and accurately helps police find your child and received the endorsement of Tom Patire, America's Leading Personal Safety Expert.

The Safe & Sound Child Identification Kit collects the precious unique identifying information of your loved ones and stores it in the event of emergency. It is an inexpensive and simple way to provide police with photographs, thumbprints, DNA and other pertinent information to assist in a rapid recovery of a missing or abducted child. It is also ideally suited for adults (especially with Alzheimer's patients) and pets. The Safe & Sound Family Protection kit couples the benefits of its personal identification kit with Tom Patire's Personal Protection Handbook, published by Random House in 2003, titled ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to keep yourself, your family and your assets safe.

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This kit can be used in conjunction with police. A home collection and storage product, the kit is kept by parents/guardians and only given to the proper authorities if a child is reported missing, lost, runaway or abducted. It is recommended to have this kit ready with the accurate, complete and updated personal information of your child. This provides peace of mind.

Quick, affordable, and simple to use, the Safe & Sound Child Identification Kit includes a photo emergency identification card, special forensic quality DNA collection paper, a sterile foam-tipped swab applicator, non-toxic fingerprint ink strip, and an alcohol swab. It also contains a Blue Nitrile latex & powder free blue exam glove, double-sided dental record and dog tracking personal scent collection impression wafer with detailed, step- by-step bilingual instructions. Components are made of the finest quality materials which are supplied by medical industry leaders Whatman, Tyco Healthcare, Kerr Dentistry, and Puritan Hardwood Products Company.

The kit takes minutes to complete and is available through the MY CHILD'S ID KIT website, leading supermarket and discount and drug chain stores and independent retailers, school programs, hospitals, pediatric offices, police departments, corporate promotions and other organizations concerned with family and child safety. It is ideal as a fundraiser for schools, churches, libraries, nonprofits, and more, and as a giveaway to medical patients, employees, and valued customers. Shelf Tech Inc. offers discounted wholesale pricing to all types of organizations. Each unit is heat sealed in clamshell packaging. It is very profitable and offers the added benefit of providing an invaluable service to one's community. With a low minimum order, any size organization will benefit.

DNA collection and long term storage has benefits. Estates/Inheritance, Genetics/Ancestry, Genomic Medical Applications for Future Generations, Medical History for Pharma-genomics and finally Missing Persons, especially Children, Alzheimer's Patients and Adopted Foster Kids.