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Tax software or a CPA?

Filing a CPA prepared return or using tax software depends on personal financial situation.

In the age of 24-hour news, immediate music downloads, and video-on-demand, completing and filing an individual tax return on your own is a bit like churning your own butter " it would get the job done, but there are other options. More than 65 million Americans will file individual tax returns on April 17, 2006, and more than half will file electronically using tax software. The rest will file through certified public accountants, tax preparers and tax attorneys.

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How To Weather A Financial Setback

It happens to the best of us. You lose your job, your investment portfolio takes a nosedive, your debt gets out of hand, or you are facing divorce. Whatever the financial setback, taking corrective actions early will help you weather the storm. The Colorado Society of CPAs offers the following guidelines for coping with financial problems.


Insurance and Money: