Need Help With Holiday Budgeting?

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(NC) With proper budgeting and a handful of smart shopping ideas, it is possible to find wonderful gifts for the people on your list and not overspend. FINE LIVING, a new television network dedicated to inspiring viewers to live better, offers suggestions to help shoppers stick to a holiday budget:

Work a budget into your gift list.

  • Assign dollar amounts to each person on your list. If the total spending amount is too high, go back and make adjustments.

  • Monitor your spending.

  • Take the budget with you when you shop. If you underspend, use the surplus for someone else; if you overspend, you can make up for the deficit.

  • Try a gift exchange.

  • Gift exchanges - where each person in a group is assigned someone to buy for - alleviate the pressure of buying numerous and costly gifts.


  • Shop just for the kids.

  • Make an agreement to buy gifts only for the kids, and skip exchanging with the adults.

  • Avoid credit cards.

  • Using credit cards can result in interest charges and overspending. Buy with cash and stick to your budget.

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