Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - Know Your Rights As A Debtor

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Debt Collection

Dealing with creditors and debt collection agencies is always a difficult ordeal. Their annoying and persistence way of tracking you down no matter where you are can be very frustrating for you, your family and even your fellow colleagues.


Fortunately, to protect the overly abused debtors, there is the Fair Debt Practices Act or the FDCPA for short. It is a federal law that bans unfair debt collection practices which will affect the quality of debtors' life considerably.

Common illegal debt collection practices

  • Contact third parties including your families, friends, neighbors or employers about your debt. Unless the court has given them permission for your creditors to do so, it is illegal for them to contact third parties about your debt. But they may contact third parties for the purpose of locating you. Even so, creditors must not reveal why they are looking for you, unless you are a minor.

  • Contact you at odd hours of the day