Why Aren't You Paying Off Your Debt?

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Paying off debt

Now is the perfect time to start paying off your debt. Everyone knows that debt isn't a good thing. The word is being put out there by thousands of financial advisors. Why aren't you paying off your debt?

Even if you have your debt in control and are managing it wisely, it is costing you. You are paying interest to the bank. The longer you have your debt, the more you will pay. Even if you have no problems with your debt, you are paying a price for it.

Many people believe that they aren't facing a financial crisis, so there is no need to hurry. Others aren't willing to sacrifice in order to pay off debt faster. Some are simply waiting for the lottery or a job promotion to help them out of their debt. Others start with good intentions, but get sidetracked.

There are people that say they will not use their credit again until their washer blows up or they need a new outfit for a special occasion. Most people who put things on credit cards are thinking that it is a one-time, special item. The problem is that they find such an item several times a month.


Those who are waiting for their winning lottery ticket often have a little extra money each month. The problem is that their debt is either too large for the extra to make a difference or small enough that they don't consider it an issue right now. The fact is that if you wait to start now, you will often put off starting later. The sooner you pay off your debt, the sooner you have even more extra money for spending and saving.

There is really no set amount that you should put towards getting your debt paid off early. Many consumers don't even try because they don't have the double minimum payment or 10% extra each month. It's not that you have to stick with a number. Every single extra dollar you put towards your debt helps you pay it off earlier.

If you think you are in control of your debt, add it all up. Then add up the total amount you will pay over the life of your loans. You may find that you are spending a small fortune for things that won't even be around when you stop paying for them. You need to start getting out of debt now, before it builds up on you.

Start by listing all of your debt. Now identify which debt you would like to pay off first. This could be the smallest debt to get your debt paydown rolling, or it could be the highest interest rate debt to save you more money. Look at what you can afford to pay each month towards you debt. Remember, the amount can be as small as $1 extra. Once you pay something off, turn that payment into the next debt. You've been living without that payment for a long time now, so you should be able to make that work.

You will need to resist the temptation to borrow. Don't carry any of your credit cards with you. Don't go shopping when you don't need anything. Stay away from the Home Shopping Network. And stick with a plan to pay off your debt.

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