Reality choices - Know your credit credentials

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(NC) - Credit cards can sometimes make life easier. They are even necessary in some cases, such as when renting a hotel room or purchasing on-line. But convenience can have a price- credit cards can have a significant impact on your budget when you don't pay the balance in full when it's due. Read on to find out how to avoid credit card debt.

You should always know exactly how much you are paying in interest. You can shop around for the best rate to suit your needs. You may want to consider how much you use your credit cards and perhaps decide if you could live without one of them, as it is smart to keep the number of cards you have under control- the fewer the better. You can decide what credit card is best for you by using the Credit Card Costs Calculator available through the Canadian Consumer Information Gateway Web site, Choosing the right credit card based on your own spending and paying habits can save you a lot of money.


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