Six-Month Automatic Extensions Available to Most Taxpayers in 2006

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Tax filing Extension

Taxpayers will be able to request an automatic, six-month tax-filing extension for most common individual and business returns under regulations released today by the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service.


The new regulations provide streamlined and simplified procedures that are expected to save taxpayers between $73 million and $94 million, annually, by eliminating or consolidating several existing IRS forms. As a result, Beginning Jan. 1, 2006, most individuals and businesses will be able to request a full six-month tax-filing extension, without a reason or even a signature.

The new procedures will replace the existing two-step process under which noncorporate taxpayers could only get a six-month extension by first obtaining an extension, usually automatic, for part of that period and then requesting a discretionary extension for the remainder. A tax-filing extension does not extend the tax-payment deadline.

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