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Women Can Now Predict When They Will Have The Best Sex

On specific days, women will want and enjoy sex much more than other days and knowing them ahead of time can help women to take advantage of hormonal effects to have more fulfilling sexual experiences. Gabrielle Lichterman, author and founder of "Hormonology", shows women the exact days of their menstrual cycle when sex will be most enjoyable

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Sex and The Single Wheelchair

Much to the surprise of some people, life does go on after spinal cord injury (SCI). People with SCI hold challenging, interesting jobs, travel around the world on business and for fun and have loving emotional and sexual relationships. Dr. Diana Cardenas, chief of rehabilitation medicine at University of Washington Medical Center and project director of the Northwest Regional SCI System, says most patients who have had an SCI find early on that they have the same sexual drive they had before the injury.

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Variation in Women's X Chromosomes May Explain Differences Among Individuals, Between Sexes

The first comprehensive survey of gene activity in the X chromosomes of women has revealed an unexpected level of variation among individuals. The extensive variation in gene activity in the sex chromosomes means that, in essence, there is not one human genome, but two: male and female.

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