Reduced sexually transmitted infections in Indian Men

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Epidemiology Associate Professor and Director of the LGBT Public Health Research program Seth Welles is collaborating with researchers from University of Texas School of Public Health and Cleveland State University to evaluate sexual identity, sexual behaviors, and disclosure of same-sex behaviors among an Internet-recruited sample of men who have sex with men (MSM) across India.


This is the first time a study of this type has been done for this population.

Together with BUSPH Data Coordinating Center Statistical Manager Don Allensworth-Davies, Welles and colleagues from other universities will be the first to review the results of the pilot sample, learning more about their sexual behaviors and beliefs. Data from these Indian men will be compared with an already completed U.S. Internet-based sample of MSM, to provide a comparison of sexual behaviors and identity between cultures.

These new data will serve as the basis and rationale for new intervention research to reduce HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) among Indian men.


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