Making Good Sexual and Reproductive Health A Reality For All

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Sexual and reproductive health for all is an achievable goal - if cost-effective interventions are properly scaled up; political commitment is revitalised; and financial resources are mobilised, rationally allocated, and more effectively used, write Mahmoud Fathalla (Assiut University, Egypt) and colleagues.

Scaling-up cost effective interventions

  • Interventions need to be tailored to the local context; there's no magic bullet solution.

  • Focus is needed on the modification and building of basic health-care systems, especially in rural areas.

  • Training of health personnel other than physicians is needed because of the current human resource crisis.


  • Non-governmental organisations have a key role to play; they can move more quickly and less clumsily than governments.

  • HIV/AIDS services need to be linked with sexual and reproductive health services Revitalisation of political commitment.

  • NGOs are well placed to present evidence to policymakers.

  • Economic arguments about the benefits of good sexual reproductive health are the way forward in the competition for scarce resources.