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People In Their 80s Still Interested In Sex

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There is an opinion that older people are less interested in sex, than young people. However, it is not the reality - people in their 80s are more sexually active, than previously thought.

Researchers reported that declining sexual life in elderly is not because they are not interested in sex, but it's because of the numerous health conditions and medication side effect, which are very common in elderly. If not taking these health complications into account, it is right to say that everyone is interested in sexual life even when older than 80.

The survey by researchers from University of Chicago questioned 3000 Americans aged from 57 to 85. The survey involved only elderly who live in homes, but not in nursing home, and the results can be different for those living in nursing homes. Researchers found that 2/3 of men and 1/2 of women aged from 75 to 85 are still interested in sex and have been conducting active sexual life during the past year.

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Among factors affecting sexual life in elderly researchers mentioned numerous diseases. For example, previously acquired sexually transmitted diseases triple the risk for women to have lubrication problems during sex and quadruple the risk for experiencing pain. For men STDs increase the risk for finding sex unpleasant.

Other health complications, such as obesity, smoking habits, diabetes, blood pressure, and mental health, have serious impacts on one's sexual activity.

For elderly, it is also problematic to find an appropriate sex partner. Seventy percent of divorced or single women older than 70 reported such a problem, while 35% of men reported no long-term sexual partners and problems for finding partners.

Dr. Virginia Sadock, director of the program of human sexuality at New York University Langone Medical Center said: "Don't assume that because you're older, your sex life has to be gone. If you're healthy and connected to someone, and you've had a pretty good sex life when you're younger, then you can have a pretty good sex life in old age."



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