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Viagra Enhances Sexual Performance In Depressed Women

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A recent study into the use of anti depressants has confirmed the suspicion that Viagra can help improve the sex performance of women on antidepressants. The study was published in the he Journal of the American Medical Association. Developed by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Viagra is particularly popular in the treatment of male erectile dysfunction (impotence) and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

The study released by U.S researcher on Tuesday reveals that women who took Viagra were less likely to have sexual side effects compared to those who took placebo. Depression has been linked to sexual dysfunction in some cases. It is thought that many women abandon drugs and resort to treating depression.

The doctors who conducted the study, from the University Of New Mexico School Of Medicine acknowledge that between 30 to 70 percent of depression treatment is related to sexual dysfunction.

Whereas Viagra has always been said to help depressed women, the latest study is the first of its kind that has scientific proofs.

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In a combined statement with colleagues, Dr. H. George Nurnberg of the University of Mexico said that "By treating this bothersome treatment-associated adverse effect ... patients can remain antidepressant-adherent, reduce the current high rates of premature medication discontinuation, and improve depression disease management outcomes."

Te research funded by Pfizer Inc, maker of Viagra studied a group of 98 women with an average age of 37 years who reported sexual dysfunction. All the women were all on antidepressants and had shown lack of sexual orgasm or arousal.

The researchers found that only 28% of women taking Viagra showed no improvement compared to 73% of women taking a placebo. The study also reported very minor effects.

Sexual dysfunction is commonly linked with using antidepressants, including selective and non selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.

The sale of Viagra has been dwindling in recent years. Viagra has almost a Markey share of 92 percent in the year 2000.However, with the introduction of competitors like Cialis and Levitra, along with other counterfeits and clones, the market share reduced drastically to 50 percent. The recent study will no doubt increase the sale of the popular Viagra pills.



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