Unsafe Sex, Contraception And The Discipline

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The New York City Health Department reports that the residents of New York City practice unsafe sex, which is a cause of disease and more health and family problems. The department tries to promote more contraseption use when practicing sex. However, is the the contraseption use that is lacking or the discipline and the responsibility?


Here is an issue where many Evangelicals feel the Catholic Church is "behind the times." They think that Catholics should get with it and not be so uptight. Some Evangelicals think that Catholics who refuse to give into the "culture of contraception" are taking an almost hostile attitude against their spouses. They think that Catholics are anti-sex. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Actually, the desire to have natural relations with a spouse without anything interfering with God's miracle of conception creates a deep bond between a husband and wife. It is well documented that married couples who don't use contraception have fewer divorces and report much greater intimacy than those using contraception



Sex is for married couples (and sadly I have to now clarify that that means one man and one woman), period. It's called making love, and to refresh all our memories, its primary purpose is for the procreation of life. Indeed, the Catholic Church had held their position on contraception from the start (yes, that means since the days of Jesus and the Apostles!). Every other Christian denomination also banned all forms of artificial birth control up until the 1930's. Then, one by one, they all crumbled and gave in to the desires of man. So what changed over time: God's law or man's law? Read Pope Paul's encyclical Humanae Vitae from 1968 and you will be amazed with the predictions he made 40 years ago and how they are all coming true. As he pointed out, a society that contracepts will ultimately cave in on itself. If birth control is used then people think that with sex there are no repercussions and so they desire and participate in more sex. Then, uh oh, something goes wrong, a condom breaks or a pill is forgotten and now a human life has begun to form in the woman. (Did we forget that that was the primary purpose of the "marital" act?) So now what does the couple do: abort the innocent child, raise it out of wedlock, force a marriage to provide a mommy and a daddy? No easy solutions and some downright deadly ones. No, I say, remain chaste and pure and save the sex for marriage. It can be done and for the good of the person and the benefit of society, it should be done. For much more information and to see and understand all the benefits of Natural Family Planning, check out the Couple to Couple League at www.ccli.org.