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Face Tells Everything About Person's Sexual Intentions

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Study showed that women can judge if a man is looking for a short-term or long-term sexual relationship just taking a look at man's face. Men can also judge woman's sexual intentions, but they are less successful in guessing than man.

A study by Universities of Aberdeen, St Andrews, and Durham is the first one to show the link between the way people look and their sexual attitude. There are also other studies showing that face can tell a lot about a person.

Study took photos of men and women at their early 20s. They were questioned about their sexual experience, about what kind of relationships they are interested in, if they are looking for one night sexual stand or a serious long-term relationship.

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These photos were shown to 700 men and women, who were asked to point out who is more sexually attractive and who is less sympathetic. Women appeared to be more successful compared to men in detecting men's sexual intentions looking at their photos. Most of women detected those with short-term sexual interests. However, they are not always sure that their judgements are right or wrong, because they can't entirely trust intuition.

Men with square jaws, large nostrils, and small eyes were reported as the most masculine men. These men were also reported as the ones interested in short-term sexual relationship according to the questionnaires they had previously filled out.

Women with open attitude about sexual relationship were found the most attractive ones by both men and women. Women also found that women with short-term sexual interest are considered as the strongest rivals in relationships.

According to their judgements, both men and women choose the ones they want to partner with. Those looking for serious relationships can easily detect if a man can be a long term partner or no just taking a look at his face.

"This really is the first study to show that people are also sensitive to subtle facial signals about the type of romantic, sexual relationships that others might enjoy," said Ben Jones from University of Aberdeen.



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