Women With G-Spot Can Experience Orgasm

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Italian expert claims there is a G-spot in women who experience vaginal orgasm, and the G-spot is easy to find with ultrasound.

Italian expert Dr Emmanuele Jannini of University of L'Aquila examined 20 women. 9 of them said they experience orgasm, 11 of them don't. The women were tested with ultrasound and were found to have different vaginal structure.

G-spot - Grafenberg spot - is a part of vaginal upper wall giving sense of orgasm. This tissue is located between vagina and urethra. The idea of G-spot exists from 1980s, but no research could clearly describe what it is.


The ultrasound showed that this part of tissue was found to be thicker in those experiencing orgasm. According to the finding, G-spot is sexually sensitive and causes orgasm while vaginal simulation.

Dr Jannini said: "For the first time, it is possible to determine by a simple, rapid and inexpensive method if a woman has got a G spot or not."

However, not every scientist agree with the finding. Dr Tim Spector, from St Thomas' Hospital in London suggests that G-spot might be just a part of clitoris, another area that is already proved to be sexually sensitive.

Another opinion suggests that thicker tissue means better developed muscles, which can also cause sexual pleasure.

Despite of all opinions, Dr Petra Boynton from University College London suggests that women should not concentrate on whether they have a G-spot or no, because it is very individual and one may experience orgasm without even knowing about G-spot. She says: "It's telling people that there is a single, best way to have sex, which isn't the right thing to do."