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China Video Campaign To Promote Condom Use

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Condom Use

China on Thursday launched a nationwidevideo campaign, titled "Life is Too Good," aimed at encouragingcondom use in an effort to prevent the spread of HIV, the AP/International Herald Tribune reports.

The campaign consists of three television clips produced by Ruby Yang andThomas Lennon, who last year received an Academy Award for a documentary onChinese AIDS orphans. According to the United NationsDevelopment Programme,which is supporting the campaign, hundreds of millions of people will see theclips monthly during the next year. The Ministry ofHealth also workedon the campaign (AP/International Herald Tribune, 12/6).

The clips are targeted at young people and migrant workers and will bebroadcast on screens in buses, trains and planes. They also will be shown onthe Internet, in entertainment venues and on some television stations, accordingto
Reuters. Several Chinese actors andmusicians are participating in the project.

The clips feature celebrities meeting or watching young people in differentsituations and saying, "Life is too good, please protect yourself." Amessage is featured on the screen saying that sex is the main mode of HIVtransmission in Chinaand that young people are at risk for the virus. "Using condoms can reducethe risk of contracting AIDS," the advertisements say.

Subinay Nandy, UNDP director in China,said the campaign "marks a new era in talking frankly and candidly"about HIV, adding that the campaign is "very timely and is very valid forthe [HIV] epidemic in Chinatoday." According to Chinese actor Pu Cunxin, who participated in thecampaign, the project is "a very big advance" and represents abreakthrough that HIV/AIDS and sex can be discussed publicly.

A 1999 attempt to promote condoms on television was cut for violating a ban oncondom advertisements, Reuters reports. According to Reuters,about 700,000 people in Chinaare living with HIV/AIDS (Blanchard, Reuters, 12/6).

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China To Require Citizens Who LeaveCountry for More Than One Year To Receive HIV Test

In related news, a Chinesenewspaper on Thursday reported that the government will begin to requireChinese citizens who leave the country for more than one year to receive an HIVtest when they return, Reuters reports.

The new regulations began this month and apply to Chinese air and ship crewmembers working outside the country. It is unclear how the requirement will beimplemented, according to Reuters.

A health ministry official last month said that China will eliminate immigrationlaws that restrict people living with HIV/AIDSfrom traveling to the country. The restrictions have prevented HIV-positivepeople from entering Chinato attend HIV/AIDS conferences, according to Reuters. They alsoreinforce stigma and discrimination against people living with the disease,according to Reuters (Reuters, 12/6).

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