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Reported STDs Continue To Rise In USA

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to a US Canters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) annual report on the national trends of three notifiable sexually transmitted diseases: chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis; the rate of reported infections continues to rise, and as before, it is likely the official data represents only a small part of the true national picture. Not only are many cases of these diseases undiagnosed and unreported, but the figures do not cover other highly prevalent infections, such as human papillomavirus and genital herpes.

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Despite the enormous progress recent years have seen in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of some STDs, the CDC estimates that around 19 million new infections occur in America every year, nearly 50 per cent of them in young people aged 15-24.

An area for concern in all three types of STDs in the considerable racial disparities that exist among the figures. Racial and ethnic minorities appear to be more severely affected by reported STDs in the US.

The CDC said one reason could be because these groups are more likely to be attending public health clinics that report STDs more fully than private clinics and other reasons could be disproportionate access to health care, poverty and highers actual rates of disease.