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Zestra Improves Female, Partner Sexual Satisfaction

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Zestra, the only women's intimacy product clinically shown to quickly increase female sexual sensation, arousal and pleasure, has released new findings from its latest research in women with the most common sexual problems. These results show all-natural Zestra, a topically applied solution, significantly improves sexual satisfaction of women and their partners, in addition to overcoming difficulties women have with desire, arousal and enjoying satisfying sexual experiences. About 43 percent of women in the United States suffer from female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

The leading women's intimacy product in the United States, Zestra stands alone as the only non-hormonal, clinically studied intimacy product that effectively addresses female sexual problems. The study findings are particularly important to women, since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has required additional testing of potential hormone-based (testosterone) drugs for desire because of concerns over safety. Research shows Zestra not only improves the sexual experience of women who havesexual difficulties, including those taking SSRI antidepressants, but also enhances the intimacy experience for women without sexual difficulties.

The Phase 3-type study evaluated the efficacy and safety of Zestra, compared to placebo oil in 256 women diagnosed with acquired mixed interest/desire/arousal/orgasm disorders in conditions of home use in conjunction with sexual activities. "Zestra was well-tolerated, and no serious adverse events (SAEs) were associated with study participants' use of the product," David M. Ferguson, PhD, MD, FACCP, the study's clinical director, said.

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Dr. Ferguson, a contributor to the development of the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI), organized and directed the first industry/academic/regulatory advisory collaborative workshop on female sexual dysfunction in 1998. This workshop served as a catalyst for establishment of the FDA's clinical guidelines for research and development of potential prescription drugs for female sexual dysfunction.

"This second clinical trial further demonstrates the significant, positive effects non-prescription Zestra has on female sexual difficulties," Dr. Ferguson said. "An unexpected -- and gratifying-- finding was the significant effect Zestra has on increasing female desire and also, increasing the perception of satisfaction by their partner."

Non-prescription Zestra, a patented formula that is the result of seven years of research and clinical testing, is hormone free and does not use potentially harmful synthetic chemicals or parabens. Parabens, which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency views as disrupters of the body's endocrine system, have been linked to breast cancer, lowered sperm counts and allergic reactions. Parabens, many of which are banned in Europe, are ingredients found in most personal lubricants and "warming liquids" that are on retail shelves, but are not in Zestra.

Numerous books on women's sexual health recommend the use of Zestra. Non- prescription Zestra is available at 40,000 retailers (leading drugstores, supermarkets and mass retailers).