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Concurrent Sexual Relationships Not Uncommon Among US Men

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Eleven percent of men in the U.S. report that they have conductedmultiple sexual relationships at the same time during the past year --a behavior that could be contributing to the spread of HIV in thecountry -- according to a study published online on Tuesday in the American Journal of Public Health, Reuters Health reports. For the study, Adaora Adimora of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hilland colleagues examined data from a 2002 federal survey that included4,928 men between ages 15 and 44. The study showed that 11% of the mensaid they had at least two concurrent sexual relationships during theprevious year. Among this group, most said they had only femalepartners.

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The study found that the men were more likely toreport that they drank and used drugs during sex and that their femalepartners also were involved in other sexual relationships, Reuters Healthreports. In addition, men with more than one female partner were morelikely than monogamous men to have sex with another man, according tothe study. Black and Hispanic men were two to three times more likelythan white men to have concurrent sex partners, the study found(Norton, Reuters Health, 10/30).

"The higherconcurrency prevalence in various groups, dense sexual networks, andmixing between high-risk subpopulations and the general population maybe important factors in the U.S. epidemic of heterosexual HIVinfection," the authors concluded (Adimora et al., American Journal of Public Health,10/30). "This study sheds light on the epidemic of heterosexuallytransmitted HIV in the U.S.," particularly among blacks and Hispanics,Adimora said, adding, "People, especially women, need to avoidpartnerships with people who have other partners" (Reuters, 10/30).

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