Public Service Ad Criticized For Not Promoting Condom Use

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Condom Use


Cambodian Premier Hun Sen on Wednesday at a graduation of health students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, said that a Population Services International public service advertisement encourages people to have sex rather than to use condoms to prevent HIV, Xinhua/People's Daily reports.

Thead features two men who approach fashion models and are removed fromthe room by a security guard. The men later return with condoms, andtwo of the models go out with them. "The spot looks like [it is] sayingCambodian ladies are hungry for sex," rather than promoting condom use,Hun said.

He added, "It is a nice thing that we create spots toeducate people about the danger of HIV/AIDS, but we also should becautious" in developing the ads because they "can persuade carelesspeople to find dangerous partners who might therefore transmit" HIV.Hun added that the country's health ministry should monitor ads thatnegatively could affect society. PSI should develop new ads thatprovide education about HIV/AIDS and the advantages of using condoms,Hun said (Xinhua/People's Daily, 10/3).

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