Hong Kong Women Unaware Of Different Contraception Methods

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Contraception Methods

Hong Kongwomen are not fully aware of the benefits and risks of different types ofcontraception, according to a survey of 502 single women ages 18 to 40conducted by the University of Hong Kong, China Daily reports.
The survey found 30% of the women did not know that condoms could prevent bothpregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and 58% of the women were notaware of the benefits of oral contraceptives (Wong, China Daily, 8/24). In addition, the surveyfound 17% of the women thought condoms could only be used to prevent pregnancy,and 46% said condoms are more reliable at preventing pregnancy than oralcontraceptives (
Standard, 8/24).

Among the women surveyed, 25% said external ejaculation was their preferredmethod of contraception, 15% said they planned to have intercourse only duringtheir monthly periods, and 3% said they did not use any form of contraception. Accordingto ob-gyn Dominic Li Fuk-him, many women are reluctant to use some methods ofcontraception because of pressure from their partners or beliefs, such as oralcontraceptives leading to weight gain. About 54% of the women said it is OK tohave multiple sexual partners, while 28% said women should only have onepartner (China Daily, 8/24).

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