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Syphilis Outbreak in Alberta

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Albertans are being warned about the risks of sexually transmitted infections, due to a significant rise in the number of syphilis cases. More than 200 cases of infectious syphilis were recorded in Alberta last year, an increase of almost 40% from the previous year. The outbreak is wide-spread occurring in teenagers as young as 15 years of age as well senior citizens as old as 81. Also of concern are 9 recorded cases of congenital syphilis, babies born with the infection, in the last two years.

Syphilis is becoming a very serious problem in Alberta with the number of cases increasing quickly. The increasing number of babies being born with congenital syphilis is especially of concern as these children will have health problems and the situation could have been prevented. The Alberta government is launching an awareness campaign this month to help stop the spread of syphilis and raise public awareness about this preventable disease. The government is also working closely with regional health authorities, nurses, and physicians throughout the province to remind all Albertans to practice safer sex.