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Sexual Health

Why your lady parts want a safe, non-toxic lubricant

non-toxic lubricants and women's health

It doesn’t really matter why a woman might want, or perhaps need to use vaginal lubricant. It may be for comfort associated with vaginal dryness or it could be to enhance intimacy. EmaxHealth inteviewed Wendy Strgar, the founder of Good Clean Love about why women should choose a safe, non-toxic lube.

New Study from Harvard Finds That the Thyroid Can Be Responsible for Infertility

Couple at sunset

A new study from Harvard Medical School confirms what many doctors have suspected for some time. Low thyroid hormone levels do indeed affect a woman’s fertility and mildly low thyroid hormone levels can be responsible for infertility.

Vegan Foods That May Be More Effective Than Gardasil Against HPV

Vegan Diet HPV Epstein Barr Virus Cervical Cancer

HPV is a popular and very common viral disease that is believed to cause cervical cancer in some women. While research may have pinpointed the real cause of cervical cancer there are a few highly alkalizing vegan foods that may be more effective in helping to prevent a cervical cancer outcome.

5 recipes with foods that kill gonorrhea

recipes with foods that kill gonorrhea

It is becoming more important to know what foods to eat, not only to be healthy, but to equip our immune system to fight against the rise of antibiotic- resistant diseases. The world Health Organization has reported that there has been a rise in the number of people infected with antibiotic- resistant gonorrhea. But, there are easy to find foods that have been shown to kill gonorrhea. So, below are 5 recipes using them.

Studies confirm biblical premise that a man and woman become one flesh after sexual intercourse

Studies confirm an ancient biblical premise that a man and woman become one flesh after sexual intercourse

In the book of Mark, chapter 10:7-8, Jesus answers a question surrounding the matter divorce in a peculiar manner, by saying that a man and woman become one flesh, after sexual intercourse (marriage). What the people at the time didn’t know is that Jesus was actually talking about microchimerism. So, what is microchimerism, and how the phrase “ become one flesh” describes it perfectly?

Alarming percentage of men may be infected with genital virus

Report underscores importance of HPV vaccine for men

A new and alarming report finds that nearly 50 percent of men under age 60 may be infected with the human papillomavirus or HPV. Among those statistics, 25 percent of men have what is called the high risk type of HPV that is a precursor to cancer.

PE Program review: A new treatment for premature ejaculation offers men hope

Researchers state that an estimated one out of three men is dealing with PE or premature ejaculation issues. It is considered to be one of the most common sexual dysfunctions among men. The World Health Organization mentions that PE is one of the most frequent complaints that doctors hear from their male patients.

Sex Supplement for Men Recall Alert

Fuel Up sex supplement recall

If your dietary supplement sex enhancement pill for men claims to be just as good as Viagra, there may be some truth to the marketing claim. According to a news release from the FDA, yet another male sex enhancement pill is being recalled because it contains a close relative of Viagra’s active ingredient sildenafil.

Guide Your Teens Because these Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are on the Rise

Sexual Disease Rising

Rates of Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia are on the rise and shockingly, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about 10 million of the 20 million cases are between the ages of 15-24.

Sex and happiness linked but not how you thought

Does more sex make couples happier?

Research has shown people who have more sex seem to happier compared to their semi-celibate counterparts. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are trying to understand the link between sex and happiness. A team of CMU investigators have uncovered sex and happiness may be linked, but it might not be how you thought.

Research Reveals Disturbing Trend Involving One Sex Practice Among Teens

In the current issue of the medical research journal BMJ Open, researchers have discovered a particularly disturbing trend involving one sex practice among 16-18 year-olds―anal sex coercion from males to females that showed apathy for whether the female found it painful and/or harmful to her health.

Impress Your Date Tonight with These 4 Fun Health Facts about the Mouth

Health facts about mouth

Do you ever have trouble making conversation while on a date with someone new? Not sure how to turn up the heat a little without seeming desperate or a little on the creepy side? Then try these 4 fun mouth health facts gleaned from the current issue of Doctor Oz The Good Life and watch your date become suitably impressed by your knowledge of the human body.