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Sleep Deprivation is an insidious problem that is spreading among populations young and old alike.

Though an occasional bout of insomnia is quite normal, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to serious illness and even injury. Sleep deprivation has been attributed to thousands of automobile accidents, on the job accidents and poor decision making.


People who are sleep deprived tend to be irritable and often angry, thus their behavior is often profoundly influenced by the adverse effects of sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation can be attributed to a number of causes including:

* Stress
* High Paced Lifestyle
* Poor Eating Habits
* Physiological Sleep Disorders
* Shift Work
* Illness

Lost production time, accidents and physician costs are rising as more and more people are suffering from sleep problems. Studies suggest that a majority of the population is chronically sleep deprived.

Why sleep?

Sleep is necessary for brain cells to regenerate and for body systems to recover from their daily work.