Quick2Sleep All Natural, Fast Acting, Dissolving Strip Works Miraculously

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Tossing, turning? Is the stress of being back to work keeping you up at night? Need help to get to sleep quickly?

When you don't have 8 hours or cannot take a prescription sleep aid there's a revolutionary all natural sleep aid available in a fast dissolving strip that allows you to get to sleep almost instantly. Quick2Sleep is the revolutionary natural sleep aid delivered via a fast-acting dissolving strip that instantly melts in your mouth. A proprietary blend of all natural ingredients quickly enters the blood stream and induces a safe, sound sleep within 15 minutes. This unique formula and revolutionary delivery method is a true breakthrough in sleep aid treatment that insomnia sufferers have been searching for. Most importantly it's safe, non-habit forming, and it works!


Nature's Healthy Supplements is excited to announce the immediate availability of a revolutionary new Sleep Aid product, Quick2Sleep. Quick2Sleep is a 100% natural sleep aid that is non-narcotic, non-addictive, non-habit forming, works quickly, and let's you wake rested and not groggy. Now you have a great natural alternative to harsh prescription medications.

The oral strips that induce sleep, similar to breath fresheners, are designed to dissolve on the tongue. They are intended for use by adults who have difficulty falling asleep, don't, or cannot, take prescription sleep medications, or want fast acting results. You do not even need a glass of water. It's great for the business travelers who need to get to sleep in- flight and arrive refreshed without being groggy. Many people do not have 8 hours when they go to bed and are afraid to take a prescription sleep aid due to the morning side effects -- now if you awaken in the night -- there's Quick2Sleep to help you get the rest you need.

Oral thin film products are a relatively new delivery technology that provides a quick way to ingest medicinal or dietary supplements and the benefits are realized almost instantaneously. "Consumers have become accustomed to using film technology in breath fresheners. It just makes sense to use this delivery form for supplements and particularly our natural sleep aid product, Quick2Sleep, said the company. "It's what consumers are looking for; safe, fast acting, easy to take, 100% natural alternative to prescription sleeping drugs at an affordable price."