Introducing New Generation Of Spa Bed

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The world's largest manufacturer of indoor tanning beds will partner with the global leader of light therapy technology to create the next generation of the first-to-market tanning bed that offers rejuvenating light therapy.

Indianapolis-headquartered ETS Tan has entered into an agreement in principle with Carlsbad, Calif.-based Photo Therapeutics for a licensing arrangement for Photo Therapeutic's branded light therapy technology, Lumiere. Lumiere LED panels will soon be featured in ETS Tan's Rejuvasun spa bed.

The Rejuvasun spa bed today combines traditional, all-body tanning with light therapy for the face and neck areas. Users can choose to combine tanning and light therapy treatments, experience tanning alone or enjoy light therapy treatments alone. The new partnership between ETS Tan and Photo Therapeutics will result in the Rejuvasun powered by Lumiere -- the same concept as the first-generation Rejuvasun bed introduced in 2006 but now with the science and medical research of Lumiere light therapy technology.


"Lumiere brings to the table an abundance of scientific and medical research, which adds a great deal and significant depth to our Rejuvasun product," said ETS Tan CEO Bill Pipp. "Light therapy is in high demand. The implementation of Lumiere provides us with even more effective light therapy panels that are the result of years of research and documented success."

Originally developed by Cancer Research UK, Lumiere uses 100 percent natural light that has been medically proven to stimulate the production of collagen, hydrate skin and improve skin tone and texture. Developed for medical use and currently used in more than 150 hospitals in the UK alone, Lumiere uses FDA-approved light technology that is medically proven to energize and restore the skin's natural processes which rejuvenate the skin and counteract the effects of aging. Also popular in medispas and day spas, the device promotes skin rejuvenation by nourishing the skin, stimulating production of collagen and elastin and promoting DNA repair, cell regeneration and proliferation.

While Lumiere's light therapy device is a free-standing unit, the technology of its LED panels will be used in the new Rejuvasun powered by Lumiere, Pipp said.

Established in 1998, Photo Therapeutics Ltd. researches, develops and manufactures non-laser light sources with worldwide medical and cosmetic applications. In addition to Lumiere, the company manufacturers Omnilux, a medically certified device created after 12 years of extensive medical research that treats a wide range of skin conditions including acne, photodamage, non-melanoma skin cancer and wounds after post-elective surgery.

Pipp forecasted the first models of the Rejuvasun powered by Lumiere should be available in the market by spring 2008.