Dreamerz All-Natural Sleep Beverage Now Available

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After a few too many restless nights and bleary-eyed days, a trio of ambitious and sleep-deprived women resolved to make the divine dream of safe and soothing sleep a reality. Today, this dream team -- led by former insomniac, now energetic entrepreneur, Amanda Steele -- announced the availability of Dreamerz, the first ever all-natural sleep beverage dietary supplement, in stores throughout Los Angeles County.

The creamy, dairy-based beverage comes in three delightful flavors that can be enjoyed hot or cold: Chocolate S'nores (milk chocolate flavor), Vanilla Van Winkle (French vanilla flavor) and Creme de la REM (dark chocolate mint flavor). Dreamerz, the 100-calorie, low fat, good source of calcium, sleep beverage brings a healthy sleep ritual to the ever-so-health-conscious Angeleno's daily regimen. It is especially helpful for the occasional bouts of insomnia caused by everyday stress, jet lag, aging or issues related to shift work commonly present in the glamorous, yet hectic Los Angeles lifestyle. Best of all it is all natural, safe and has no after-effects.


Steele, Dreamerz founder and CEO, said, "According to the National Sleep Foundation, over one-third of Americans are so sleepy during the day it interferes with daily activities,(1) a trend that is just not sustainable in today's fast-paced world. It is our mission at Dreamerz Foods to make healthy sleep second nature, allowing people to wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in order to perform their best every day."

The clinically proven ingredients in Dreamerz include a patented, low dose (0.3mg) of melatonin, a naturally occurring "sleep" regulating hormone that helps normalize sleep and wake cycles, and Lactium, hydrolyzed casein, a supplement derived from milk clinically proven to aid in stress reduction and relaxation.

The Dreamerz team consulted with renowned sleep experts to create Dreamerz, aiming to develop efficacious and natural products that could help people sleep well at night without worrying about after-effects. Sleep deprivation has been linked to both physical and emotional health issues including obesity, heart disease, depression and poor mental performance. Heidi Otto, Director of Marketing, explained, "We know sleep is as important as diet and exercise, but tends to be underrated in our busy everyday lives. Through Dreamerz, we hope to help people make healthy sleep part of a healthy lifestyle."