Napmaster General offers help for the fight against sleep deprivation

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Sleep Deprived - Take a Nap

More than half of Americans report being sleep deprived, according to a recent survey by The New York Times. And the day where Americans receive the least amount of sleep, the day after daylight saving time begins, is just around the corner. How will you prepare for that night of even less sleep? While some might be tempted to rush to the coffee shop for an extra jolt of java on the first day of daylight saving, there is a healthier and more effective solution to wake up: celebrate the eighth annual National Napping Day on Monday, March 12 by taking a nap.


William Anthony, professor of rehabilitation counseling at Boston University Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and his wife, Camille Anthony, founded National Napping Day together. Anthony, often dubbed the "Napmaster General," explains why they chose this particular date, "On this day Americans are not only more sleep deprived but they are also more nap ready." They also offer the following as additional advantages of napping:

  • Napping makes you feel better by improving your mood

  • Napping makes you more productive by enhancing your performance

  • Napping is an inexpensive refreshment