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Sleep Disorders

Get the Benefits of Turmeric with this Delicious Turmeric Latte Recipe

Jul 13 2017 - 12:43pm
turmeric benefits latte recipe

You have likely heard the buzz about turmeric. This cousin of ginger, common in Indian cooking may be the most effective nutritional supplement you can add to your diet. Keep reading for my recipe for a delicious turmeric latte that you will want to drink every day.

Benefits of Turmeric

Natural Cures for Insomnia and How to Change Your Bed from Your Thinking Place to Your Sleeping Place

Jul 3 2017 - 10:18am
Sleeping Bed

Whether you are have an issue with chronic insomnia or whether or not you suffer from it periodically, here are some great natural cures to try for a better night's sleep.

Insomnia truly feels like some kind of curse while you are experiencing it.

Help Put Snoring To Rest With These Simple Tips

Jun 24 2017 - 12:42pm
Snoring Man

Most of us know first hand that a snoring partner can disrupt the other person from a good nights sleep. We have all heard stories of one partner taking the sofa or even the spare bedroom in an attempt to get more sleep. According to Daniel P. Slaughter, MD and Otalaryngolgist snoring can even cause marriage problems.

75% of those who snore have a condition called obstructive sleep apnea. This condition causes an individual to stop breathing during sleep.

How I use essential oil bath salts to create the ultimate soothing bath

Jun 10 2017 - 8:51am
Rubber ducks

Sometimes it's amazing how much you benefit from little things like essential oil bath salts. Taking a nice soak in a hot bath is one of these things. Soaking in hot water is more powerful than one might think.

Hot water relaxes the body and better prepares us for falling asleep. When a tense body enters a warm bath, the hot water increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscles.

The Only 3 Natural Sleep Remedies You Will Ever Need

May 30 2017 - 7:56pm
Insomnia sleep natural remedy

Instead of sleep being refreshing, it is the thing many Americans dread the most. A night without sleep often means a day of fatigue, sluggishness, poor food choices, weight gain and ultimately poor health.

Sleep eludes millions of Americans and the problem is growing. For some this is only a intermittent problem. But for others, sleep can be an ongoing struggle.

9 Bizarre Side Effects of Not Getting Enough Sleep

May 17 2017 - 7:19pm
Father and son sleeping

Not getting enough sleep can make you look and feel like a zombie. We all need adequate amounts of rest, yet so many of us don’t get enough sleep and that can lead to bizarre negative side effects. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that people over the age of 18 get at least seven hours sleep per night.

1. Not getting enough sleep can affect mood as well as how you feel and look.

Turn Off Smartphone and All Switches at Night To Have an Uninterrupted Sleep

Apr 20 2017 - 1:03pm
turn off smartphone for better sleep

In order to improve her sleep one young lady decided to turn off her smartphone when not using. Later she decided during nights to switch off all electric devices except the refrigerator for a better nightly sleep, fearing about the adverse health effects of smart meters and cell phones. Here is how she improved her sleep.

Veronica Mikhaylove reports from New York.

How To Sleep Like A Rock Naturally

Apr 11 2017 - 8:54am
Insomnia sleep natural cure diet

If you're not sleeping like a rock you may be unknowingly struggling with an underlying health problem caused by your diet. Here's how to get to sleep at night fast and get the “rock sleep” you deserve with these natural treatments.

What does it mean to “sleep like rock?” If you 'slept like a rock,' it means that you had a great night's sleep and feel well-rested. Many American’s don’t have that luxury.

Ashwagandha is known as “Indian ginseng” due to its rejuvenating properties

Apr 9 2017 - 8:07am
Ayurvedic herb

The Indian herb Ashwagandha is a powerful herb which is said to have many restorative benefits by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient holistic healing system which was developed thousands of years ago in India.

Due to growing fears of dangerous side effects associated with the psychiatric drugs natural remedies are preferable.

Ultimate guide to snoring remedies that work

Apr 6 2017 - 8:07pm
sleeping bad and snoring remedies

If snoring is affecting the quality of your sleep and annoying your partner, then you may want to consider the following remedies and options. There are solutions that may help you reduce or eliminate snoring.

It is estimated that more than 40 percent of all adults snore on a regular basis. Snoring is often a frequent complaint that affects marriages and relationships.

What Really Causes Insomnia, Why It Leads To Heart Attack And Stroke And How to Avoid It

Apr 1 2017 - 2:11pm
Insomnia Heart Attack Stroke

Think there's no connection between insomnia and your lifestyle habits? Recent research sheds some light on how and why insomnia really occurs and how its linked to heart attacks and stroke.

The million dollar question has always been “What causes Insomnia?” In the search for answers, a recent study published in the Eur

These prebiotic foods naturally help with sleep

Feb 25 2017 - 10:42am
Foods that naturally help with sleep

Eating certain foods with prebiotics are shown in a new study to help with sleep. The good news is there are no supplements or prescriptions needed for getting enough sleep that in turn can protect from chronic diseases and more.

A new study shows certain foods promote so-called good gut bacteria that can help us sleep after a stressful event. The good news is eating is a natural way to promote a good night's sleep.

Good sleep is needed for good sex

Feb 2 2017 - 8:32am

Researchers say good sleep can lead to good sex. It has been confirmed by research that there is an association between decreased sexual function in postmenopausal women and shorter sleep durations with increased insomnia symptoms.

The frustrations of aging for women are manifold with concerns about appearance and agility of their bodies, the functioning of their minds and their sexual desires.

The Government May Be Ignoring the Prevalence of Sleep Apnea and How That Can Affect Your Sexual Health

Jan 27 2017 - 1:06am
sexual health, sleep apnea, overweight

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force is choosing to stay neutral on the issue of adult screening for obstructive sleep apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) affects almost 30 percent of the population, but over 80 percent of suff

Can Using Earplugs Make You Not Need Painkillers? Here's Why Sleep Is So Important and How You Can Improve Yours

Dec 14 2016 - 4:43am
Earplugs and need for painkillers

Can a $3 pair of earplugs save you thousands of dollars in insurance and pharmaceutical costs by making you not need painkillers? Here's the deal with sleep and how to improve yours.

Researchers found that getting a good night's sleep lowers chronic pain.

New Sleep-wake Neural Circuit Discovered: 3 Troubleshooting Tips for Sleepless Nights

Sep 6 2016 - 7:02pm
3 Troubleshooting Tips for Sleepless Nights

Recent news reveals that researchers discovered a new neural pathway in the brain that's responsible for your sleep-wake cycle. With these findings, scientists can develop better sleep medications that can give you higher quality sleep – which means you'll lose more weight and be healthier in general.

Sleep is very important for your health.

Light during the day may serve as a natural remedy for sleep

Sep 6 2016 - 6:44am
Getting some sunshine

A study from Uppsala University has shown that daytime light exposure may offer a promising way to combat sleep disturbances which are associated with the use of electronic devices in the evening.

There have been concerns about the negative effects of using smartphones and tablets prior to bedtime on the quality of sleep in people.

Five Sleep Secrets to Improve Sleep Habits and Efficiency

Aug 31 2016 - 9:34pm
Improve sleep efficiency

Everyone wants to be healthy and successful, but most people ignore the one thing that holds them back: a good night's sleep habit. Without it, our bodies can’t heal, our minds aren’t sharp, and even a routine day can be a struggle. However, by learning a few simple tricks, you can take back your nights, and be even more productive every day by improving sleep habits and sleep efficiency.

Here are five of my sleep secrets:

You Will Change Your Sleep Patterns After You See What It Does To Your Diet

May 27 2016 - 1:15pm
Diet and Pool Sleep

Decreasing the fat in your diet might not only help with weight loss (due to consuming fewer calories), but it may also improve your sleep – and therefore your overall health

Public health guidelines recommend that Americans more often choose lower fat foods, thus limiting intake to below 30% of total calories.

Why Sleeping Pills Are Considered the Number 1 Most Dangerous Drug?

Oct 13 2015 - 12:49pm
Sleeping pill risks

Sleeping pills - (zolpidem (e.g., Ambien), temazepam (e.g., Restoril), eszopiclone (e.g., Lunesta), zaleplon (e.g., Sonata), other benzodiazepines such as triazolam (e.g., Halcion) and flurazepam (e.g., Dalmane), barbiturates, and sedative antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (e.g., Benadryl).

Sleeping pills may seem helpful and even innocuous; however, in a study of over 10,000 patients who took sleeping pills and over 20,000 matched patients who did not take sleeping pills the patients

Sleepwalking, What Parents Should Know

May 4 2015 - 9:50pm
sleepwalking, what parents should know

Neither of my parents were sleepwalkers, yet when I was about 12, I started wandering at night and engaging in activities such as making the bed. I was apparently in the minority, because a new study finds that more than 60 percent of kids whose mother and father were sleepwalkers also develop the practice themselves.

This discovery suggests that sleepwalking has a genetic component.