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Sleep Disorders

Hacks and Exercises to Help You Stop Snoring Without Resorting to a CPAP

Hacks to Stop Your Snoring

Is your doctor suggesting that you may need to start using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device for a better night’s sleep? But you don’t want to. Here are some hacks and exercises to help you stop snoring that you will want to try before resorting to CPAP.

Why This Sleep Study Tip Helps High Achievers to Fall Asleep Faster

To Do List

The high achiever tosses and turns in bed as they face the enormity of tasks they face the next day. They wonder how they are going to get it all done and then yet another task pops into their mind. Now they’re sure they are going to forget something. Does this scenario sound familiar? New research shows that this tip will help anyone, especially high achievers, to fall asleep faster every night.

Better Sleep: Open Windows And Doors Lowers Carbon Dioxide Levels, Provides Ventilation

Sleep researchers in the Netherlands have found that a combination of poor ventilation and a build-up of carbon dioxide during an individual’s sleep period can contribute to restlessness and to not getting the rejuvenation one usually gets after sleeping. The rise in amounts of carbon dioxide, they say, stems from one’s normal respiration. They also found that something as simple as opening a window or door can ameliorate the build-up, improving the ventilation in the room where one is resting and thus producing a more sound and restful sleep.

The Best Ways to Improve Your Sleep Beyond Reducing Your Coffee

afternoon sleep

It's more than likely that you’re not getting as much sleep as you should be. According to a 2011 survey by the Sleep Council, nearly half of us get six or less hours of sleep per night. Considering the recommended length of time to spend under the covers is seven to nine hours, six or less is extremely far from optimal.

Here’s Why Vegans May Sleep Better Than You Do

Insomnia, vegan health diet nutrition

Do vegans sleep better? The answer may lie in some new research on diet and insomnia. Researchers have found that our diet directly affects how well we sleep. This may uncover why people who eat high carbohydrate diets, like vegans do, may sleep better. So, if sleep has been hard to come by, your diet choices are well worth taking a good honest look at.

Get the Benefits of Turmeric with this Delicious Turmeric Latte Recipe

turmeric benefits latte recipe

You have likely heard the buzz about turmeric. This cousin of ginger, common in Indian cooking may be the most effective nutritional supplement you can add to your diet. Keep reading for my recipe for a delicious turmeric latte that you will want to drink every day.

Turn Off Smartphone and All Switches at Night To Have an Uninterrupted Sleep

turn off smartphone for better sleep

In order to improve her sleep one young lady decided to turn off her smartphone when not using. Later she decided during nights to switch off all electric devices except the refrigerator for a better nightly sleep, fearing about the adverse health effects of smart meters and cell phones. Here is how she improved her sleep.