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New Method Eliminates Severe Low Back Pain The Natural Way

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Dr. Thea Flock, author and spinal decompression doctor, has perfected a non-surgical treatment methodthat eliminates back and leg pain the natural way. Her new book offers hope and an easy-to-follow plan for reducing pain and improving mobility without dangerous drugs, invasive shots, or risky surgery.

Anyone who's ever had chronic low back pain has sort of a "kinship" with other people who suffer from back or leg pain. It's like a brotherhood. Readers of Flock's new book, "The Elimination of Pain the Natural Way," hear from Flock's own patients what the Flock Method of spinal decompression has done for them. The Flock Method is so successful, Dr. Flock offers patients who are admitted to her program a money-back guarantee if they don't have decreased pain. Dr. Flock explains why she offers a money-back guarantee. "It's easy. Patients don't want their money back, they want to decrease their pain and get their lives back. And we do that everyday. I don't know of any other doctor willing to offer a guarantee."

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Dr. Flock was one of the first doctors in the Chicago area to offer spinal decompression to their patients. She has been so successful that she's expanded her clinic twice in two years.

Not everyone with back pain or sciatica can undergo this advanced treatment. Dr. Flock turned away her own 38-year-old sister last year because she was not a candidate. Instead, Dr. Flock's sister had to travel to London, England for a complicated open back surgery and is still in recovery.

Using The Flock Method, "In less than six weeks, my patients can have diminished pain and improved function without going under the knife," said Dr. Flock. "This treatment has changed lives because those living with chronic back pain have often given up hope of ever being pain-free.

"I love my job because I wake up every day knowing that we have this amazing technology along with The Flock Method that is helping people take back their lives."