Treatment Relieves Serious Back Pain Without Dangerous Drugs, Injections, Surgery

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Non-surgical, spinal decompression is probably the last back pain treatment you will ever need.

And you can forget about popping toxic pills, struggling through exerciseprograms...and...unnecessary and risky injections and surgery...because with this amazing technology - for most people - they are a thing of the past.


Dr. Thea Flock is Chicagoland's most respected authority on relieving severe back and leg pain. Dr. Flock says, "I enable people to live longer using non-invasive techniques without the use of drugs, injections or surgery."

Dr. Flock has treated many Chicagoland residents offering them a solution to their severe low back and leg pain. Patients from Florida to California and as far away as Lima, Peru have sought out her treatment programs and have found relief.

Dr. Flock is a powerful, and educational interview. She will tell your audience: