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Boston Scientific Launches Of New Precision Plus Spinal Cord Stimulation System

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Boston Scientific Corporation announced the launch of the Precision Plus Spinal Cord Stimulation System

It is the world's smallest rechargeable Spinal Cord Stimulation neuromodulation device for the treatment of chronic pain of the trunk, back and limbs. Precision Plus provides physicians with EGL Scan, the first and only SCS lead scanning technology. The Precision Plus system also features an improved remote control and charger to simplify control of patient therapy.

"Since the launch of the Precision system in 2005, we have delivered the technology and support infrastructure needed to gain more than 25 percent share of the pain management market," said Michael Onuscheck, President of Boston Scientific's Pain Management Business. "The advances in the new Precision Plus system will help to enhance the treatment information for the clinician, enabling programming improvements that are designed to significantly impact patient outcomes and clinical results."

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EGL Scan (Electronically Generated Lead Scan) technology displays the relative position of implanted leads, within seconds and without using fluoroscopy or x-ray. The information from EGL Scan can be used to increase programming accuracy, which can lead to improvements in patient outcomes and treatment office operating efficiencies.

"EGL Scan technology is a valuable innovation designed to save time and be cost-effective for patients and payers," said Orlando Florete, M.D., of the Institute of Pain Management in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Precision Plus remote control and charger are completely cordless, eliminating the need for cumbersome cords and antennas. The remote control offers the industry's longest wireless range, enabling patients to adjust their pain therapy with simplicity and convenience. The charger is approximately 75 percent smaller and 85 percent lighter than competing chargers, making it convenient and discreet. The charger also features continuous temperature monitoring.

One in five Americans suffers the effects of chronic pain, and approximately five million people may be candidates for SCS therapy.

By Boston Scientific Corporation
This page is updated on May 11, 2013.



You have 25% of pain management therapists? What are the views of the other 75%?
My husband was preparing for the test cycle of the Precision Plus implant this morning. Because of scar tissue in the back the dr. could not get the needle all the way in and it punctured the spinal cord. Where does that put us now, and what are the dangers?
What are the dangers?
what are the downside of having the precisiion plus implanted
pain, possible temp spike when your body is fighting the amount of pain where the device is implanted