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Back Pain Relief

Read the latest medical research about back pain, lower back pain, sciatica and neck pain. Also find out about the causes of back pain and the current medical and alternative treatments.

Your 2018 Weight Loss Guide Step 8: Beating Back Pain

Avoid back pain with planks

Nothing puts the brakes on your weight loss plans quicker than coming down with what is sometimes referred to as the “common cold of injuries”—back pain. Here is some key advice on beating back pain to keep you on your feet and burning those calories.

How One Person Turned Back Pain To Multi Million Dollar Business With BetterBack

BetterBack Therapy Strap

BetterBack, a lightweight posture strap that helps to ease back pain and even prevent it in the future, has been featured in Shark Tank, funded by Kickstarter and Indiegogo as well as been a number one best seller on Amazon.

Exercise Improves Pain Associated with Chronic Computer Use

Exercise Improves Pain

One of the most common complaints of today’s office worker is neck pain and upper back pain due to long days in front of a computer. In addition to improve the ergonomic arrangements in your office space, you should also begin a regular exercise program.

How to Prevent Back Pain While Gaming During the Holidays

back pain in gaming

Now that it's the holidays and you're on vacation from school and work, you have a few weeks to relax and catch up on some gaming! But recent news warns you to pay attention to any back pain you experience when you're gaming. Here's why and what you can do about it.

Do You Have Sciatica? Here Are Some Natural Remedies That Can Help Alleviate Your Symptoms

Alleviate Sciatica Symptoms

Sciatica is a condition where you experience constant radiating leg pain that sometimes is accompanied with lower back pain. The good news is that it's very treatable. Here are some options you should consider.

Is Your Back Lowering Your Income? Here Are a Few Ways to Keep Back Pain Away

back pain

That aching lower back is affecting your life more than you think. Think about how many times you've had to not go to work because of your back. There's good news – there are natural, holistically healthy remedies that help alleviate and prevent lower back pain.

Stand up for Weight Loss: Utilize a Standing Desk

stand up weight loss

Standing is an easy small change that you can make starting right now. Standing up when everyone else is sitting can be a mark of pride in your office. I know this because I did it. I build myself a standing desk for only about 30 dollars worth of Ikea parts. I had been sitting for over a year and it was not doing my body any good. I realized that standing would be healthier option than sitting myself to death.

Nine out of ten people over sixty may have this abnormality

Low back pain

The correlation between abnormalities within the lumbar spine and low back pain can be deceiving. A bulging disc on an MRI can be seen in as many as 90% of individuals over 60 yet they may have no back pain. Should that lead to additional testing, or should we leave well enough alone?

8 Warning Signs of Pain When Your Body Is Trying to Tell You Something

Pain management

Do you ever have a nagging headache, backache or stomachache that you tend to ignore and just "tough it out" by waiting for it to go away without doing something about it? Well, according to a recent episode of The Dr. Oz Show, ignoring pain that you may be feeling could be ignoring warning signs that your body is trying to tell you something about your health that needs to be taken care of immediately.