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Keep Your Cool And Sanity This Summer

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Americans sure do know how to make the most out of their summers. According to the OFF! PowerPad survey, adults say they and/or their families plan to attend a barbeque (73 percent), watch fireworks (59 percent), attend outdoor concerts (33 percent), go to amusement parks (32 percent), or go camping (28 percent) this summer.

"As a family company, we know spending time outside during the summer months -- hanging out around the pool, hosting backyard barbecues, and playing at the park -- is a important part of family life," said Kelly Semrau, SC Johnson Vice President of Global Public Affairs and Communication. "We want to help families and their friends enjoy this time together by providing them with ways to stay protected, maintain their beauty routines and entertain in their own backyards."

Summer Protection

Whether it's a long day at the beach or gardening in the backyard, an increase in outdoor activity shouldn't be at the expense of personal well being. Know how to get prepared and stay protected from everyday summer hazards.

-- Sun protection: 19 percent of adults believe getting a "base tan" will help prevent sunburn if they plan to spend a lot of time in the sun. The truth is that any change in skin color is a sign of damage from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. It's important to have some protection from the sun's rays. Always wear a sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Look for brands that spray on and are both sweat and water resistant.

-- Beat the bugs. 25 percent of adults are most concerned about keeping their families protected from insect-related (25 percent) mishaps like stings, bites and contracting the West Nile virus from infected mosquitoes. Although 85 percent of adults believe citronella candles are somewhat to very effective, traditional citronella candles only repel mosquitoes from up to one foot away. If you are looking for an area repellent that will keep your guests protected during outdoor outings, try the easy-to-use OFF! PowerPad Lamp or Lantern. They protect an area 15 times greater than a citronella candle/bucket, which is equal to 225 square feet (the average size of a deck or patio).

-- Avoid the poison of the sting. 23 percent of adults believe that if they get a bee sting, they should squeeze out the stinger. Squeezing the stinger may cause venom in the sac to get into your body. To properly remove a stinger, do not pull out with your fingers or tweezers because this will release more venom. Instead, scrape the stinger out with your fingernail or a straight-edged object.

Summer Beauty

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Rebecca Borman, a former "Survivor" contestant and two-time Emmy Award-winning make-up artist on "The View," offers quick and easy tips to summer-proof beauty routines.

-- Stay hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day and more when you are outside. Drinking water moisturizes your skin from the inside out. Water is essential to maintaining elasticity and helps prevent dryness.

-- Avoid the bite. Nothing is uglier than an armful of mosquito bites. Ninety-two percent of U.S. women (3) want an insect repellent that's light and quick-drying. OFF! FamilyCare Smooth & Dry is a perfect solution for feel-good mosquito protection because it's made from a unique cornstarch formula that allows it to dry on contact. Plus it has a pleasant tropical scent and is smooth on the skin.

-- Avoid make-up meltdowns. To ensure your make-up doesn't smudge or smear, try using setting powders after you've completed your look.

Summer Entertainment

From pool parties to barbeques, there are several ways to celebrate the summer right in your backyard.

-- Decorate in style. Pick a color theme and carry it through your foods, plates, centerpieces and potted plants. Create a cozy halo on your porch with clusters of string lights (no longer just a holiday trend). Try some in multiple colors or funny shapes, like jalapenos.

-- Be your own DJ. Choose music that matches your menu or your outdoor decor. For a menu like Hawaiian BBQ Tuna Burgers and Tropical Pasta Salad, play hula music, Brazilian jazz, or something retro that rocks. If you use Victorian-looking china, try classical music like Vivaldi for a classy afternoon tea.

-- Be disaster ready. It's all about having backups. If your special appetizer burns, pull out cheese and crackers. Pasta made in just minutes can replace burned entrees. Many say that good weather (80 percent) and repellents to keep pesky mosquitoes away (57 percent) are party must-haves. So control what you can, like lighting area repellents to keep the swarms of mosquitoes away from your guests. Create back-up plans for things you can't control, like a gloomy weather forecast.