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Miracle Toilet Faucet Turns Ordinary Toilet Into Personal Hygiene Device

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Bidets - those bathroom fixtures made specifically for post-toileting hygiene - are commonplace in Japan, most of Europe and, increasingly, in wealthier households in the U.S. But now, thanks to the Miracle Toilet Faucet , any homeowner can enjoy the health and hygiene benefits bidets offer, without the expense and hassle of installing a traditional bidet.

Like a traditional bidet, the Miracle Toilet Faucet gently cleanses with a stream of clean water. But in contrast to its freestanding predecessors, the Miracle Toilet Faucet requires no major plumbing work, no electricity, and no extra space in the bathroom.

"Bidets are not affordable for the average homeowner. They require space in the bathroom most Americans just don't have, not to mention the additional plumbing needed for a separate fixture," explained Miracle Toilet Faucet inventor Albert Louis Wokas. "The Miracle Toilet Faucet is designed to be easily installed by do-it-yourselfers and simple to use. It is an inexpensive way to promote better health through improved hygiene for both men and women."

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Because the Miracle Toilet Faucet cleans so efficiently with little additional water use, homeowners will find they need significantly less toilet paper. That's good news for those with septic tanks - and great news for anyone interested in reducing their household expenses or environmental impact.

The Miracle Toilet Faucet uses the existing water supply to the toilet, tapping into the fresh water line from the wall. Even homeowners new to do-it-yourself projects can install it with a few common tools in about fifteen minutes. The unit's nozzle rests under the toilet seat and angles downward, giving it a low profile. One simple lever activates the Miracle Toilet Faucet and controls water pressure. The unit is easily cleaned with standard toilet cleansers.

Wokas, a mechanical engineer, began inventing in 1973. His first patent, for a modular package bathroom system, laid the groundwork for the prefabricated home construction industry. Wokas's vacuum-assisted vapor control gasoline nozzle is now the industry standard, widely used in every jurisdiction where emissions restrictions are in effect. But on a personal level, Wokas reports he is most proud of the Miracle Toilet Faucet.

"I grew up during the Depression; the only indoor plumbing was a single toilet under the stairs," Wokas explained. "When I eventually built my family home, I made sure every luxury was available, including a bidet. But after living with a bidet for 25 years, we moved - and our new bathroom had no room for a bidet." That got the inventor's wheels turning once again and led to today's launch of the Miracle Toilet Faucet.