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SafeHands Alcohol-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer Launches

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SafeHands Alcohol-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer

SafeHands follows up on its national release of its alcohol-free instant hand sanitizer line by initiating a public awareness campaign to educate the public on the toxicity and poisoning dangers of alcohol-based instant hand sanitizers especially within the school age population.

This campaign coincides with the recent bans on alcohol-based hand sanitizers in schools, health care facilities, correctional facilities, etc...

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Dr. Jay Reubens, Founder and CEO of SafeHands, Inc., is championing the cause of removing alcohol from the hands of our children. SafeHands alcohol- free proprietary formula kills germs for a longer period of time than popular alcohol-based hand sanitizers and is proven to be non-flammable and non-toxic. Dr. Reubens remarks, "If you drink SafeHands you will simply burp bubbles. Actually, SafeHands can be used to extinguish ignited alcohol-based hand sanitizers. This was tested by our R&D team."

In Boynton Beach, Florida, the Hagen Road Elementary School Principal, Richard Hughes, recently stated, "Although we encourage hand-washing we are telling students to leave their (alcohol) hand sanitizers at home." Hughes added, "You shouldn't have that type of agent in the school setting, it's flammable, and it is poisonous."

SafeHands proprietary formula uses an approved alcohol-free germ-killing agent that has been scientifically tested and proven superior to alcohol-based products in germ killing and is non-drying, skin-smoothing and non-flammable! Dr. Reubens states, "It is generally an unknown but proven fact that the repeated use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers throughout the day can actually increase hand contamination." The other more visible negative effects of most commonly used hand sanitizers, which can contain up to 70% alcohol (more than is present in vodka), are red, dry and cracked hands due to alcohol's stripping away of the skin's natural oils. SafeHands products are suitable and suited for "Multiple Daily Use" eliminating red, dry and cracked hands that result from frequent use of alcohol-based instant hand sanitizers while killing 99.99+% of germs each application.

SafeHands, Inc. is a technology driven, privately held company focused on the rapidly growing alcohol-free instant hand sanitizing market. Through its relationship with JF Daley International, Ltd., SafeHands has production and distribution capacity to handle the consumer markets, as well as the industrial markets, including food service and health care.