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Radius - Fully-Automated Handwashing And Compliance Monitoring System

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Automated Handwashing And Compliance Monitoring System

Resurgent Health and Medical will introduce the Radius Automated Handwashing and Compliance Monitoring System.

The new Radius system replaces the inconvenience and inconsistency of manual handwashing with a totally automated approach to infection prevention. It is the first fully-automated, touchless system available in healthcare for mechanical handwashing, rinsing and sanitizing. It performs a ten-second cycle using a non-alcohol disinfecting solution.

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By making handwashing quick and easy to perform, the Radius system increases healthcare workers' compliance to a hand hygiene program. The system further boosts compliance by ensuring a pleasant, uniform handwash using high-pressure water jets that perform a consistent wash-and-sanitize cycle every time the machine is used.

Handwashing compliance can be measured automatically using the Radius system. Its patent-pending radio-frequency identification (RFID) employee badge reading technology, combined with its data-reporting software, provide hospitals with automated monitoring and reporting of handwashing events.

The Radius system's proprietary rotating handwash cylinder technology has been proven through 20 years of successful experience in food processing, food handling and cleanroom manufacturing. According to industry studies, the technology virtually eliminates transient pathogens from the hands and increases the frequency of employee handwashing by up to 300%.

The technology is also shown to use up to 75% less water than manual handwashing, discharge 75% less wastewater, and reduce waste in soap utilization.

"We're committed to helping achieve 'zero tolerance' in the prevention of healthcare-acquired infections," says Jim Glenn, CEO of Resurgent Health and Medical. "Our new Radius system brings to healthcare a proven technology that has enabled other critical industries to achieve near-perfect elimination of infectious workplace pathogens. Furthermore, the Radius system introduces a total prevention approach by automating measurement and documentation of handwashing compliance."