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How to Keep That New Year's Resolution to Get More Exercise

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Exercise and Workout

Many people make New Year's resolutions to get more exercise but most quit after only a few workouts. However, if you can keep at it long enough to develop a habit, you are much more likely to continue with an exercise routine that can help you lose weight, feel better, and live longer.

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"Generally, it takes about three weeks to develop a habit," says Lisa Geyman, physical therapist and director of the Tools For Fitness program at National Jewish Medical and Research Center. "We find that if people consciously motivate themselves, choose an interesting activity, and develop a back-up plan for days when the normal exercise routine is impossible, they are much more likely to keep exercising long enough to develop a healthy habit they never give up."

The following tips from Geyman can help you not only start exercising and staying fit, but continue doing it long enough to reap the benefits.

Motivate yourself. Specific goals, inspirational passages from a book, or a favorite music CD can be great motivation tools to help you stay on track. Set smaller, intermediate goals to provide rewards along the way. If you stay motivated, chances are you will